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custer's actions were reasonable given the fact that he had no idea of the size of the enemy that he was confronting. and in general, it was expected that even a small group of well trained cavalry would be able to hold its own and even defeat much larger numbers of indians, because the fighting style was so different. it was usually felt that the soldiers had an advantage over the indians. that wasn't true in this particular case. for one thing, the indians were fighting on their home territory. they had their village with women and children in it on the site, and this always motivated them to fight fiercely to protect their women and children. they even, most likely, had better weapons than the troopers that they faced. so there were many reasons why they, in fact, had the advantage. they attacked from a concealed position, whereas the troopers were out in the open. when custer did divide his command, in fact, it's pretty clear that he was just doing it as a reconnaissance rather than formulating a battle strategy. he would have done that later had it been possible. but by the time
? >> ariel sharon was involved in a very controversial action. this gets complicated, right. as part of the deal with britain and france and israel, israel was to create a forward faint at the suez canal by dropping paratroopers in and around the mitlah pass. it's the pass that leads from sinai, the interior of sinai to the canal zone. britain and france would issue an ultimatum to israel and egypt saying in order to protect the canal, israel and egypt were to remove their forces from the proximity of the canal within 24 hours. it was assumed by the planners of the arcane operation that egypt would reject the operation and britain and france would use that as a pretext for reoccupying the canal in order to protect it. welcome to the middle east. the israeli commander of the paratroopers, the founder of the paratroopers, who parachuted into the pass was none other than ariel sharon. to this day, there is a controversy over whether sharon moved his troops, exceeded his orders by moving them into the pass and engaging a far superior egyptian force and in the process incurred a great num
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2